Crafting Your Story

The crafting of our bespoke fine jewellery and engagement rings emerges from a singular vision, harmoniously intertwining advanced gemmology with a profound respect for precious, lab-grown diamonds. These stones allure with their pristine birth and commitment to green craftsmanship, standing apart from the environmental shadows of traditional diamond mining.

Each creation from MARLII LAB, whether a timeless jewel or an engagement emblem, centres on a diamond's brilliance. Our signature designs champion the matchless grace of these diamonds, amplifying their allure through the precision of settings, recycled metals, and artful silhouettes.

From the maiden glimmer of imagination to perpetual care, our dedication lies in enriching your journey with MARLII LAB. A seasoned Gem Specialist stands by your side at every juncture, forging a bond between you and our fervent artisans. Every detail, from concept to culmination, is meticulously orchestrated, echoing the unique vision and philosophy that embodies MARLII LAB.

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Reimagining Gold: Crafted Legacies

At MARLII LAB, we embrace the profound concept of metamorphosis and rebirth, which anchors our distinct gold recycling service. To us, gold is not merely a valuable element, but a chapter in an evolving tale waiting to be reimagined and retold. This fervent commitment to revitalize existing gold treasures stems from our pursuit to merge beauty with ethical mindfulness, a principle deeply embedded in our ethos.

Each fragment of recycled gold embarks on its renewed odyssey under the meticulous guidance of our adept artisans. Our emblematic designs pay tribute to the intrinsic allure of your gold, undergoing transformative stages of reforming, refining, and reshaping. Whether it's evoking ageless elegance or encapsulating contemporary flair, we fashion a story uniquely yours.


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At MARLII LAB, we meticulously select diamonds to match each client's unique needs, guaranteeing the finest stone available at any given moment.

Our diamond specialist, driven by a fervent commitment to ethical sourcing, only chooses IGI certified stones that surpass our rigorous standards in terms of colour, clarity, and cut.

To initiate the process, please complete the form below, specifying your preferred carat size and budget. Our dedicated customer service team will respond to your request within 24 business hours.

Please be aware that, due to their unique nature, we cannot accommodate exchanges or returns for bespoke items.