Packaging With Purpose

When you choose Marlii Lab, you're championing a future-focused vision. Every piece you receive is wrapped in 100% recyclable, responsibly sourced packaging. Together, we're saving over 1.8 million A4 sheets of paper each year through our paperless dispatch. Your choice goes beyond the exquisite jewellery; it's a statement of sustainability. Every decision you make with us, no matter how small, leaves a lasting, positive imprint on our planet. Together, we craft a brighter, greener future.


Planting Seeds of Sustainability with OneTreePlanted

Crafted with your values in mind, every piece from Marlii Lab is a testament to beauty and sustainability. By partnering with OneTreePlanted, your every acquisition does more than just elevate your style; it rejuvenates our Australian landscapes, promoting biodiversity and fighting climate change. With each purchase, you're not merely owning a piece of ethical jewellery but also sowing seeds for a greener tomorrow. Embrace luxury that not only sparkles on you but also ensures our planet shines brighter. Together, let's make every adornment count for the Earth.

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Crafting the Future of Responsibility

When you choose MARLII LAB, you're embracing more than just jewelry; you're inheriting a legacy of artisan craftsmanship. Each piece is handcrafted with precision and passion, delivered straight from family-owned workshops nestled in the heart of Italy. These skilled artisans, each masters in their respective facets of the crafting process, breathe life into our designs. Our close-knit collaboration ensures not just impeccable quality, but also a commitment to fair pricing. With MARLII LAB, you wear a story of tradition, expertise, and unmatched value.


Eliminating Single Use Plastics

Single-use plastic is a major issue in the jewelry industry, so we are taking a stand to make a difference. We understand the impact that single-use plastic has on the environment and are determined to keep it out of our entire supply chain. By doing so, we hope to not only create a more sustainable future for our customers and the environment, but also set a positive example for other companies in the jewelry industry to follow. We believe that it's our responsibility to be environmentally conscious and take action to protect our planet for future generations.

Forever Brilliant, Forever Conscious

Choosing lab-grown means embracing a future where luxury is harmonised with ethics. Every gemstone set in our pieces is lab-grown, ensuring beauty without compromise. While the sparkle rivals that of natural diamonds, the process sidesteps the environmental scars and societal issues associated with traditional mining. We take pride in standing against resource depletion, pollution, and the darker facets of the diamond industry. With MARLII LAB, every shimmer reflects our commitment to quality, responsibility, and a brighter, kinder world for all. Wear our jewellery, and radiate a change that truly matters.

Moving Toward a Circular Economy

We don't just craft jewellery; we fashion lasting commitments. We champion conscious choices, which is why every piece comes with a 3-year replacement warranty and a promise of lifetime repairs. Instead of transient trends, we encourage longevity in your collection. And should you ever need a warranty replacement, rest assured that your original piece will be thoughtfully recycled. With us, every adornment is more than a statement piece—it's a sustainable pledge. Embrace MARLII LAB, where timeless beauty meets enduring responsibility, for a world that glimmers brighter.


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At MARLII LAB, we meticulously select diamonds to match each client's unique needs, guaranteeing the finest stone available at any given moment.

Our diamond specialist, driven by a fervent commitment to ethical sourcing, only chooses IGI certified stones that surpass our rigorous standards in terms of colour, clarity, and cut.

To initiate the process, please complete the form below, specifying your preferred carat size and budget. Our dedicated customer service team will respond to your request within 24 business hours.

Please be aware that, due to their unique nature, we cannot accommodate exchanges or returns for bespoke items.