Supporting Our People

Cherishing Life

Responsible Manufacturing

Our jewellery is thoughtfully handcrafted before it makes its way to you. That is the quality standard behind every Marlii piece and a promise we can make because our suppliers are family. Working strictly with only family owned workshops in Italy, each specialising in a different area of manufacturing, we are able to achieve the highest level of quality balanced with the fairest price for you.

Ethical Sourcing

Working closely with mines, we have implemented programs and initiatives to ensure 100% of our gold is responsibly and ethically sourced, supporting the miners and their communities in improving their living conditions and responsible mining practices.


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At MARLII LAB, we meticulously select diamonds to match each client's unique needs, guaranteeing the finest stone available at any given moment.

Our diamond specialist, driven by a fervent commitment to ethical sourcing, only chooses IGI certified stones that surpass our rigorous standards in terms of colour, clarity, and cut.

To initiate the process, please complete the form below, specifying your preferred carat size and budget. Our dedicated customer service team will respond to your request within 24 business hours.

Please be aware that, due to their unique nature, we cannot accommodate exchanges or returns for bespoke items.